Web Development
By Hamza Ahmed

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About this course

In this Course, You will Learn 1)Figma 2)HTML5 3)CSS3 4)JS 5)PHP 6)MYSQL

Minmum requirements for the course:
  • Basic Computer knowledge,that's it.


Hamza Ahmed
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Hi, I am a Full-stack Web Developer and have industry experience. Besides, I have my institute and my motto is "Learn to Earn ". However, you can hire me if you are looking for a tutor for: 1)Object-oriented programming (OOP) 2)Bootstrap(Framework) and Bootstrap Studio(Desktop Application). 3)Database Management System(DBMS) and SQL. 4)MYSQL 5)Figma(Software used for UI Design of Web and Mobile) Want to be a programmer?Hire me for the following programming languages: 1)C 2)C++ 3)C# 4)Javascript 5)PHP Want to learn Web Technologies? Hire me for: 1)Web Designing 2)Web Development 3)Full-Stack Web Development However, To rid Pakistan of theory-based education, taught to us in schools, colleges, and universities today. This so-called education in the very disease that has brought us to our knees. So through my videos and my IT Institute. I want to equip our children with skills that will make them productive and in demand. Ask yourself this question, what if for every fazool degree holder that we have, who have not only wasted a small fortune of his/her parents & many of his/her prime years on useless nonsense. Was instead someone, who opened a factory of some kind. What would Pakistan be like then? Would we still be in debt? Would we still have unemployment? would we still have money problems? would we still be treated as a 4th class citizens by others? My mission is to bring us back to the same level of skill, that once gave us the courage to go out and build the likes of the Badshahi Masjid, Taj Mahel, Laal Qila, etc all without architects, cranes, electric tools or fazool degrees. Imagine that now.


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Timmings: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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