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By H. H. F

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This course is designed for taeching Holy Quran with tajweed.. I am a passionate tutor as well as these days of quarantine students study is disturbed a lot dear islamic children isn't any need to worry any more i am here to help you to learn Quran.

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  • 5 - any age


H. H. F
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LEARN, HARDWORK, SUCCESS Students should choose me as tutor because I will prove myself as a good tutor and I will clear all their concepts about related subject. I will prove to be a honest and elegant tutor. I am an outstanding science subject teacher and I will asses my abilities to the students. InshaAllah, Students will satisfy by my lecture. I will well prepare for delivering my lecture. I will satisfy my students by my unique teaching method. I will not give any chance to complain them. Thanks


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