Hands on Data Science and Machine Learning With Python
By Nomi Nomi

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About this course

Introduction to Python Data science end to end project management Data reading, cleaning and visualization Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Introduction to Deep learning

Minmum requirements for the course:
  • Basic programing skills
  • Basic knowledge of linear algebra and probability


Nomi Nomi
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I am an Electrical Engineer with a PhD degree in Informatics (Image Processing and Machine Learning). I have more than 13 years of teaching experience at undergrad and post-grad levels (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). I also enjoy teaching A/O/University level Math (Linear algebra, Probability, Calculus) and Physics (electricity/circuits/electromagnetism) courses. It will give me immense pleasure to help you in your studies. My favorite course are: Math, Linear algebra, calculus, Electronics, circuit analysis, applied physics, electromagnetism, signals and systems, communication systems, digital logic design, Probability, research methodology, research paper writing, auto-referencing tools, image processing, machine learning, Matlab and Python


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Timmings: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


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