Introduction to International Relations; A Pre-bachelors course
By Mahnoor Khan

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This pre-bachelors course provides a brief introduction to the study of international relations. It is devised for those students who wanted to get prior knowledge about the subject before enrolling as a full time undergraduate students and for those who wanted to get extra knowledge about how modern international system works and what are its components. The course will include: 1. What is IR and why study it? concepts of IR (Power) 2. Importance of IR in Current World-- IR Professions and Careers 3. How Modern state System arise-The treaty of Westphalia 4. What are states and non-state actors- what are their roles? 5. Anarchy in international system! what is it? 6 The Role of UN and International/ Civil Disputes 7. Brief intro to IR Theories- Realism, Liberalism, Hegemony, Constructivism, Marxism, Institutionalism 8. Economic systems- Capitalism and Communism, with examples 9. Fall of European Empires and neocolonialism 10. Form of Governments and their functions/Role( Political Science topics) 11. introduction to Foreign Policy and Diplomacy 12. Current International Order- US vs China! 13. Pakistan History and Family system 14. A list of Secondary sources for accessing data about course 15. LAST week: Student Questions about their career and the university selection and a model Objective based paper for IR entry test. This specific discussion can go up-to more than 2 classes as per student request SPECIFIC GUIDELINES: 1. The course will be delivered both in URDU and ENGLISH language combined and will be ONLINE 2. As its an introductory course hence the tests will be in the form of STUDENT DISCUSSION on specific topics studied or assigned by me/teacher 3. Students in group of 4-or more will be provided discount Thankyou

Minmum requirements for the course:
  • There is no limitation.
  • Student with any background are welcome
  • However Minimum qualification is MATRIC


Mahnoor Khan
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The first step of teaching is to identify the student knowledge about their subjects which I'll do through quizzes. So prepared yourself for that. Also, every type of questions that you pose will be answered without any scolding or the feeling of being judged. Most importantly, the RATTA system will not work with me as ill not just rely on assignments or quizzes but primarily on PRESENTATIONS but be not scared of that as I will be there to guide you at every step. My only purpose is to improve your interpersonal skills and most importantly enhance your confidence and critical thinking skills. Personally this technique is the one that have made me a high achiever in my Bachelors, not only at academic level but also in my extra-curricular activities. So for parents seeking tutor or the student themselves, kept these things in mind before selecting me as your tutor ;) as the rest of the work lies on me then! I'm comfortable with varied platforms like Skype, Google meet, and zoom or at home.


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