Drug and Dosage form
By Rida Batool

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➡️What is a drug ➡️What is dosage form ➡️Drug delivery system ➡️API ➡️Excipients ➡️Types of Dosage forms in market

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Rida Batool
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Asalam o alaikum!! Firstly, I want to confess that no one is nil or zero, may be you are good at what others can't do. So learn with ease. I will help you with this. Secondly, study smarter rather than harder. I love teaching and dealing with more than 200 students at present. I can use اردو as well as English medium to make my students understand the subject/topic I deal with. I always keep my pace of delivering lectures sub normal so that the students could absorb the new knowledge in a good way. My students feel so satisfied when they learn a very difficult topic easily. I assure you good response. I claim all the subjects I have mentioned in my expertise. Thank you. Online medium: Zoom meeting, Microsoft teams. Tution fee: I keep my Tution fee according to the level of a student as well as the subject I have to deal with. It is reasonable and worthful for the student :) Contact : You can contact me on given number as well as my email address ([email protected]) Thank you


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