Windows Servers Management
By Usman Kaleem

Starting 6 days ago

About this course

In This Course you will dedicatedly learn how to manage servers, how to build raid and install and deploy windows server network also its useful roles , Hyper V and Virtualization, Active Directory Objects and Group Policies. FSMO Roles and Migrations, NTFS Permissions and Migrations, DHCP Server and Migrations, Possible Migration with different flavors of Windows Servers

Minmum requirements for the course:
  • have used windows servers and must have knowledge about servers


Usman Kaleem
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I have been working in 4 of the large enterprises from continuous 13 Years and posses practical skills also awarded for the best technical expertise in Expo Pakistan ITCN Asia Awards 2017


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Timings & Duration

Timmings: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Days: Saturday, Sunday


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