O Levels

Help For Candidates

  • Misbah Iradat

If need any help msg here will be teaching the candidate to appear it on cies
  • Mano Bili

can you tell me how i verified my email in studentpark.com
and یہاں پر جاب ملتی بھی ہے کہ نہی کمنٹس سالوں پرانے ہیں
  • Attiq Ahmad

When you are applying as a tutor the studendpark will not ask you to verify your e mail rather they ask to write already verified e mail. They ask the verification of your CNIC and your documents verification so this difference is there. I hope you have understood the answer
  • Ayesha Bakhtawar

but they also ask for 899 rupees to get verified
I don't know
  • Umme Salma

My documents files r not uploading
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