Ahsan Zafar

Make the object of your goal your passion and you will rule the sky.

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Teaching fee: Rs. 6,000 / month


I am a fun loving person. It is always nice to meet people and explore them in depth and as such I love to interact with people on both professional and personal scales. Additionally I have far stretching interested vested in my personality ranging from sports to science and from fashion to history and that is the reason why I can become part of any conversation without getting bored.

Teaching Experience

I have no prior professional teaching experience however I am no stranger to the department of teaching as I have often been involved with teaching my juniors in my previous educational institute and that is the prime reason why I want to step into professional teaching areas.


Most Recent:
Lahore University Of Management Sciences (LUMS) BSc. Electrical Engineering (2020)

Lahore, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: Dha Phase 4

Can teach students in these areas:

  • DHA Phase 5
  • DHA Phase 3
  • D.H.A. Phase 1
  • Cavalry Ground
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