Arbab Arshad

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't" -NYE

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Teaching fee: Rs. 700 / hour


I'm a student at LUMS, of computer science and passionate about my field. It becomes impossible for me not to share my knowledge with anyone. Tutoring had been a great resource for me especially with children from grade 5 to 8 whose minds are always ready for some new fascinations.

Teaching Experience

It has been one of my hobbies to share my knowledge at each and every moment and tutoring has provided me with great opportunities in this context. I've tutored for about 3 years which makes me even more confident.


Most Recent:
Lahore University Of Management Sciences (LUMS) B.S Computer science (2019)

4.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
Arbab Arshad

Saqib Ali

Had a very good experience with you sir. Definitely Recommend.

Ahmad raza

Spent a very good time with you Sir. God bless you.

Junaid Raza

Your teaching style is really very interesting Sir.

Ali Akbar

It was the first time I realized that there's nothing more interesting than computer science. Thanks a lot for you precious time Sir.


You're a legend sir. You don't waste any second of our time. It was a very good experience. Take a lot of care

Arbab Arshad

Ar Ars

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Lahore, Pakistan

Can teach at personal residence

Can teach students in these areas:

  • DHA Phase 5
  • DHA
  • D.H.A. Phase 1
  • DHA Phase 6
  • DHA Phase 2
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