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I'm a very hard worker and I have excelled in studies throughout my life. I had 6A*s and 5As in O levels, and I had 3As in A Levels. Apart from academics, I also have a lot of extra-curricular activities which I have taken part in. I have a lot of experience in public speaking, debating and sports. I am also currently a member of the LUMS Basketball team.

Teaching Experience

I have taught English to students from grade eight to O - Levels. I have also spent two years as a teaching assistant at Nixor College for A Levels. I was the teaching assistant for Mathematics and Economics where I frequently held classes for both of the subjects (A Levels). I have also been a teaching assistant at LUMS


Most Recent:
LUMS Computer Science (2018)

Nixor College A Levels (2014)
Lahore, Pakistan
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