Dilawar Ali

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

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Teaching fee: Rs. 20,000 / month


I completely my A levels from Lahore Grammar School and then joined LUMS. I have a pretty good track record in academics; 10 A's in O levels and 4 A's in A levels.
Since a very small age I was quite passionate about teaching, I don't teach to earn, my primary aim is to impart knowledge to as many people as in can. I started off my career of teaching at Akhuwat and Amin Maktab. I have a very friendly and fun loving personality so students find themselves quite comfortable with me.

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching kids since past 6 years. From the last 3 years i am teaching O level students all from LGS. Those students have produced excellent results in their schools as well as in CIE's,


Most Recent:
LUMS BA LLB (2017)

Lahore, Pakistan
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