Fahad Rafiq

Teaching chemistry, Biology , Physics for 7 years

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I have grown up in rural area and now studying in Lahore, often write blog posts in Urdu as well as English on my twitter and Facebook page. I address feminism, politics and social evils like intolerance and prosecution of minorities in the region. I love to learn language scripts, So far I can write my Native language Urdu/Hindi in two scripts and my Punjabi also in two scripts. Now days I am learning to speak French. In books I like to read biographs and history books. I would like to go in to Northern Himalayas to watch the natural beauty of the region

Teaching Experience

Online Biology tutor for approximately 4 years with http://retlm.com/ (2011-2015) and taught Biology to IGCSE and A-level students of UK and Middle East. . I have conducted the workshops about research methods technical manuscript writing in Biology for international journals. During the course of my DVM and MS Biology I continued part time teaching in Retlm® and secured Bronze medal in DVM and good grades in MS biology.


Most Recent:
LUMS MS Biology (2015)

UVAS DVM (2013)
Lahore, Pakistan
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