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Teaching fee: Rs. 30,000 / month


Students should choose me as tutor because I will prove myself as a good tutor and I will clear all their concepts about related subject. I will prove to be a honest and elegant tutor. I am an outstanding science subject teacher and I will asses my abilities to the students. InshaAllah, Students will satisfy by my lecture. I will well prepare for delivering my lecture. I will satisfy my students by my unique teaching method. I will not give any chance to complain them.

Teaching Experience

2016 to 2018: Higher Secondary School
2018 to onward : Higher Secondary School
4 years : Academy from 5th grade to bachelor's level.


Most Recent:
The University Of Lahore Masters (2018)

5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
AimEn MirZa

The best teacher is the one who is strict as well as friendly... Nd i found her strict when i became lazy nd friendly and appreciating one when i worked harder the way she cheered me up nd appreciated me boosted me to do more gd.... She always believed in me when even i was fedup ov myself.... Bestest teacher ever... Five stars r even less fr her.... I would place all da stars in her feet nd would thank her fr being such a gd teacher ov mah life....

H Rhman

So grateful teacher I ever had in my life and highly appreciated and hard working mam


One the good teachers i ever had.

Anam Shahzadi


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