Ahmad Raza

Electrical Engineering from LUMS in 2018

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I have completed my bachelor’s degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. During my undergrad, I also took numerous courses in Mathematics and Computer Science; from Linear Algebra to Applied probability, Calculus to Linear Systems Theory, C++ to Data Structures, MATLAB to Python and many more. I have addition skills and expertise in MATLAB, C++, Python, ROS, Modelica, AutoCAD, Creo Parametric (CAD/CAM), Proteus ARES, Proteus ISIS, Mission Planner, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point.

Teaching Experience

1 year experience of teaching O level subjects and 1 year plus experience of teaching Mathematics (Calculus, Calculus 2) and Computer programming (C++, Màtlab) to a LUMS student.
Additional one Year experience as Teaching Assistant (TA) for two Literature courses at LUMS Gurmani Center.


Most Recent:
LUMS Electrical Engineering (2018)

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Lahore, Pakistan

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