Hafiz Usman Malik

I think therefore I am

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Teaching fee: Rs. 10,000 / month


There is nothing I am more passionate about than being able to inculcate within my students a drive to succeed and general critical thinking faculties. I have a cumulative grade point average around the 3.8 mark in LUMS, and had 7A s in total for my A levels including two national distinctions.

Teaching Experience

Have taught O levels World History, Sociology, Statistics and Commerce at a SICAS Summer camp in 2013/14. One of my students got an O levels World History global distinction. My other students got an excellent result with the minimum grade being a B. Have also taught A levels History and Sociology privately. My specialization though, lies in teaching the CR and Writing sections of the SAT.


Most Recent:
LUMS BA. LLB (2017)

Sicas A Levels (2012)
Lahore, Pakistan

Can teach at personal residence
Area: Shahjamal

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