Haris Farooq

BSc. (honours) from LUMS in 2017

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I am friendly, and extremely good at leading students to understand the questions conceptually and then reaching the correct answer. Along with the curriculum, I teach students the skills to attempt and complete the paper efficiently.

Teaching Experience

I have been home-tutoring Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to O level and A level students for over 7 years.
Moreover, I have worked as AS Level Mathematics teacher at GreenHall Academy, Teaching Assistant at LUMS, O level Mathematics teacher at Al A’la International American School, and O level Chemistry and Mathematics teacher at Academia De Averroes.


Most Recent:
LUMS BSc. (honours) (2017)

Mus'ab School System A Level (2013)
Mus'ab School System O Level (2011)
5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Haris Farooq
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Lahore, Pakistan

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