Murtaza Ali Khan

Engineer. Enthusiast. Educator. Helpful in O-Levels/A-Levels.

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Would you rather have someone simply teaching you monotonously for one or greater hours every day or be taught by someone who is friendly, yet keeps the serious decorum needed in a teaching experience?

I'm Murtaza, I live in Karachi although most of my academic life has been spent in UAE, I'm here to help you all in O and A-Levels (the struggle of which was real and still lingers with me to this day) and therefore make your academic journey memorable and easy.

Teaching Experience

I don't have a formal teaching experience (I have been an engineer for a year though), but I had taught since high school to students living in my neighborhood on an informal on-off basis, yet I know that if given the opportunity, I will be willing to put my heart in my teaching on a full-time basis.


Most Recent:
American University of Sharjah B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (2016)

Abu Dhabi International Pvt. School A Levels (2010)
Merryland International School IGCSE/O-Levels (2008)
Karachi, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: DHA, Karachi

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