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Lahore Grammar School A Levels (2017)

4.3 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
Mahrukh Farooq
(5 / 5)

Raqia is an excellent teacher. Great english skills. Very polite and sensible. I'm very pleased with the way she teaches my child. His result has improved a great deal.

(5 / 5)

Raqia teaches in an exemplary manner, explaining concepts to the learner in utmost depth using a lenient and engaging manner of teaching. Would highly recommend to all.

Raafid Azim
Once again, thank you so much for your help!(5 / 5)

I highly recommend Raqia as a tutor. She approaches the requirements of her students (in this case, my younger sister) in a systematic, planned manner, always looking to help them improve. Her English skills are excellent, and is a good judge of learning ability. I cannot thank her enough for setting up a study plan that made my sister actually excited to study, to the point where she was willing to miss a movie if it meant a class with her. A wonderful teacher, I would recommend Raqia to all those looking to get their kids understand the long term prospect of working hard.

Dr.Rahma khan
(5 / 5)

My daughter loves learning from Raqia. She understands her and makes learning fun.

Fauzia Shaukat
(5 / 5)

Never before have I encountered such a brilliant mind in my life. I was utterly stunned with the way Ms. Raqia explained the most complex ideas in the simplest of manners. Learning psychology is as easy as learning A, B, C if she’s your teacher. I genuinely owe my A* and my subsequent admission in med school to her.Thank you Ms. Raqia for being such an amazing teacher. You will always be my favourite, no matter where i go.

Khadija Arham
(5 / 5)

Raqia is a good teacher and with her studying becomes very fun for your child. I would implore you to hire her. You won't regret it.

Malik Awan
(5 / 5)

My daughter's grades and motivation have increased a lot thanks to Raqia. Highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good teacher for their kids. Very punctual, dedicated and committed teacher.

Shahzada Shahid Nawaz
(5 / 5)

Yes Mam you are very nice.

(1 / 5)

I will check this legend

Fazila Masoood
(1 / 5)

How can I contact her?

Anam Shahzadi
(5 / 5)

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Lahore, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: DHA

Can teach students in these areas:

  • D.H.A. Phase 1
  • DHA Phase 3
  • DHA Phase 5
  • DHA Phase 6
  • Gulberg III
  • Gulberg 2
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