Sarosh Fatima

Doing Maters from FAST-NUCES, loves to learn and teach

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Teaching fee: Rs. 2,000 / month


I never feel tired while teaching no matter what, because this is what I actually love to do!

Teaching Experience

My Teaching Experience includes the following amazing milestones:
i. Currently, I am an assistant teacher at Department of Computer Science,
University of Karachi responsible for the course of ‘Software Engineering and Project
Management’ (evening shift).
ii. In addition, I am teaching a student of 'The City School' currently.
iii. I have been a computer science for 2 years in a well-reputed institute.
iv. I have 3+ years experience of home tutoring to O level students, all subjects.
v. I have expertise in subjects; Computer, Mathematics, English, and kind of every subject.


Most Recent:
NUST MSDS (2019)

University of Karachi BSCS (2017)
Karachi, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: North Nazimabad Karachi

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