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Skills and Expertise:
ELT, English Language Teacher, University of Cambridge, U.K)
Expert in English Phonetics, Transcription, Accents and Pronunciation
Teaching English Grammar with unique and easy understandable methodologies
Huge Knowledge of Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and many other topics related to life and literature
Studied more than 1 thousand books on different topics
Absolute knowledge of first aid and anti-toxicology
Writing in Realism and Poetry
Six years teaching experience
Highly skilled in preparing students for debates at divisional and provincial levels
Diploma in office management
Most competitive and highly skilled at business management and sales advising
Five years of marketing experience with a complete awareness of more than 10000 products

British Accents: British Royal accent, British Elite Class accent, London accent, British Southern accent and British Standard accent
American Accents: New York accent, Chicago accent, Michigan accent
Canadian Accents: Toronto accent, Vancouver accent
Australia: Sydney accent
Learning: Japanese, Chinese and French

Teaching Experience

I have six years English language teaching experience.


Most Recent:
Institute Of Career Development TEFL (2017)

Cambridge University UK Teaching Grammar (2017)
Cambridge University UK Teaching Vocabulary (2017)
Cambridge University UK Lesson Planning & Classroom Management (2017)
Cambridge University UK Teaching Writing (2017)
Cambridge University UK Teaching Speaking (2017)
Cambridge University UK English for the Teacher (2017)
Cambridge University UK Understanding Assessment (2017)
Islamia University Bahawalpur Bachelor (2013)
5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Sibtain Ahmad Bhatti
(5 / 5)

The teaching is not only my occupation but also my passion.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: Model Town B Khanpur

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