I love to be in and create a challenging environment because it helps you to grow and push your limits to excellence. Everyone doesn't have the same abilities so I do not like to judge everybody on the same ground.
You can contact me at my Mobile/Whatsapp +92-331-6753203 or Email ID: [email protected]

Teaching Experience

I had 9 years experience of teaching Programming courses to University Students. I had taught different programming courses i.e. C++, Python, Java, Assembly, C sharp programming etc. I also have experience of teaching in different university i.e. FAST-NU, LUMS etc. I had also taught computer science to O/A Levels Students and AP College Board CS courses.


Most Recent:
LUMS Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) (2017)

Fast Lahore Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) (2014)
4.6 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
Roheel Islam
(5 / 5)

Waleed knows the depth of computer science; different programming languages & a great tutor. His method of teaching is approachable, enthusiastic and helping me to achieve the goal. I am taking online classes residing in London, he is assisting me to develop new ideas/creativity using my own initiative and willingness to learn as team or individual. Hence, he is conscientious person who is flexible, works hard and pays attention to detail. Therefore, I have learnt how to meet set targets, managing time, prioritising my work and other mandatory studies techniques/skills.

Haris Rehman
(5 / 5)

I highly recommend Mr.Waleed. I have had the pleasure of being taught by him. He is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students. Waleed Riaz has always been driven to develop his skills as a teacher. He continued to demonstrate this drive through his tenure at coaching. Sir Waleed has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He also has excellent written and verbal communication skills. Sir Waleed accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I recommend Sir Waleed to you without reservation.

(5 / 5)

Sir Waleed is the best teacher I ever came across. He gave me online classes for my course of MBA program and I really had fun learning about computer course. His method was really helpful and fruitful. He's a great teacher and a very kind-hearted person. I would highly recommend him.

Kanza Khalid
(5 / 5)

Sir Waleed is the best tutor! He helped me with a programming course and was immensely helpful. He was great at explaining everything and tutoring sessions weren't boring at all.He keeps his lesson effective, engaging and fun.He is very professional, easy to get along, friendly and most importantly an expert in this field. I have enormous respect towards him.I couldn't have done so well in this subject without him. Highly recommended!

Mohammad Farid
Computer Science simplified(5 / 5)

I have hired several tutors in my past to help me with my studies. But no one has matched the quality of teaching that Mr. Waleed Riaz has provided. This is not just lip service but to say that Mr. Waleed Riaz knows his work inside out and my words would not be enough to describe the quality of his work. He has impressive programming skills when it comes to data structures, Java, and C++. He does not just give out answers but he helps his students learn to do their work on their own. Thank You. Sincerely, Mohammad Farid

Omer Hassan
(5 / 5)

Sir Waleed is the best tutor.He helped me in programming C++.He is very friendly and expert in programming.I highly recommended..!!

Talha Sohail
(5 / 5)

I like sir teaching method Its easy to understand And he really goes in depth of explaining topics

Ahmad Khalid Durrani
(5 / 5)

Waleed is a highly skilled tutor and a dedicated individual. His focus and tendency to go in to depth (sometimes even beyond the scope of the topic) has helped me tremendously. The teaching style of Waleed (which is lacking in most of today's teachers) allowed me to nurture an interest in computer science which is the key to my success is this subject. This goes without saying, I strongly recommend learning from Waleed.

Ahmed Munir
Ahmed Munir(5 / 5)

Sir Waleed is a very talented teacher who taught me C++ programming in a very bottom up approach. Before taking lessons with him, I barely knew any C++ concepts. However in under one month, he managed to teach all the fundamentals in such a way that I was ale to solve very complex tasks using them. Also he explained how every C++ concept worked,something that was missing from my regular uni lessons. All in all,he is a very professional teacher who can teach his students to a very high level of proficiency.

Rosheen Hassan
(5 / 5)

I highly recommend Sir Waleed. He is a dedicated, hard working and enthusiastic teacher. He is a highly skilled tutor who not only is an expert in programming but is efficiently able to deliver his lectures in depth. Sir Waleed focuses on developing the students thinking skills and guides them as a mentor rather than simply giving the solution. He has excellent communication skills which he utilizies to create a friendly and comfortable environment for the student. If you are looking to improve your programming concepts and problem solving skills I strongly recommend Sir Waleed.

Muneeb Ahmad
C language tutoring(4 / 5)

Waleed tutored me in C language coding. He was flexible with his timings, making sure that both our times were reasonable to meet. He was knowledgable about the content and followed the textbook chapters as a guide to the course. At the end of the class, he would assign homework from the book and it was expected to be done by the beginning of next class. Although there were some days that he was unavailable to meet at our scheduled times, he would offer to make them up later on in the week. Overall, I was satisfied with his tutoring and would recommend to anyone learning this language.

Chegg Study
Bad Experience(1 / 5)

Not Good Experience. He talks about very long future experiences but he not showing them in practical life(While teaching). Also, not too much experienced!!

Mohammad Murtaza
An amazing Teacher and person(5 / 5)

Waleed Riaz with a doubt is one of the most passionate people regarding the discipline of Computer Science. Every fundamental concept is second nature to him and he does not mind reiterating them to his students no matter how many times they may ask. I have had an amazing experience being taught by him and in regards to learning computer science which can indeed become daunting, he makes it simple and most importantly, organic. A rare instructor, one that is truly in love with his subject.

Lahore, Pakistan

Can teach online

Can teach at personal residence
Area: Lahore University of Mangement Sciences (LUMS), Opposite، Lahore Cantt، Sector U DHA Phase 3

Can teach students in these areas:

  • Johar Town
  • Faisal Town
  • DHA
  • Muslim Town
  • Township
  • WAPDA Town
  • Valencia
  • Gulberg III
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