Zeeshan Ullah Ehsan

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Teaching fee: Rs. 10,000 / month


Dedication,Confidence,Honesty,Patience,Flexibility,Affectionate,Career Guidance and Encouragement helps my students to grasp as much as possible knowledge from me.

Teaching Experience

Years of an experience in Student's Corner Collegiate Academy and more than year of experience in home tuition as well.


Most Recent:
Dawood University of Engineering and Technology B.E Telecommunication (2019)

5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Hadiqa Awais
(5 / 5)

Sir zeeshan is an amazing teacher. I will definitely recommend him as a teacher. He is a very organised teacher and always has a very positive attitude towards his students. He is great at making students understand each and every chapter, simple and difficult topics. Well, what's outstanding about Sir zeeshan as a teacher is how he is always punctual and determined. He will definitely be a great help for students.

Anam Shahzadi
(5 / 5)

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Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Can teach online

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